Hope, Healing, and Innovation

The Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation funds critical medical research and connects aneurysm, AVM, and stroke patients with community, education, and resources to help them thrive.
What We Do

Uniting Research with Patient Support

The Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation is committed to aiding in the research and treatment of brain aneurysms, AVMs and hemorrhagic strokes. Our goal is to raise awareness about the risk factors, causes and treatments of these conditions, while helping support the advancement of neurological research. We provide public education and advocacy, support for patients and families, and develop awareness programs and educational materials for hospitals, clinics and other institutions.



Understanding the Challenge

In the face of alarming statistics The Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation is committed to raising awareness, driving research, and providing support. We confront these challenges by educating about risks, advocating for advanced treatments, and supporting survivors facing lasting neurological impacts.

We're Making a Difference

The Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation has because a pivotal force in the fight against aneurysm, AVM, and stroke. Our global support network, critical research funding, and growing community engagement are a testament to our ongoing commitment and impact.

Engaged Community of 20,000+ Members
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Over $70,000 in Grants Awarded This Year Alone
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In-Person and Virtual support groups across the US and Canada
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16 Years of Making a Difference

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      Joe Niekro: A Legacy Beyond the Diamond

      The Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation was founded in loving memory of Joe Niekro, who passed away due to a brain aneurysm rupture (hemorrhagic stroke) in 2006. Driven by the need for more public awareness and support for affected families and survivors, Joe's daughter, Natalie Niekro, established the organization. Since then, the Foundation has been making a meaningful impact in the lives of patients and their families.

      What People Are Saying

      Hear directly from those who've been touched by our work. These testimonials from survivors and their families highlight the profound impact of The Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation's support, advocacy, and research initiatives.

      “The Niekro Foundation connected me to 24/7 support and amazing programs. It is so nice to not feel alone and connect with others that know what I am going through."

      Brain Aneurysm Survivorr

      "The Niekro Foundation provides a resource of information and a community who understand the difficulties and fears of living with and caring for your child with an AVM.”

      Caregiver for daughter Lauren, AVM Survivor

      “The Niekro Foundation community has really helped me to get back to my pre-rupture self."

      AVM Survivor

      Support Our Mission

      Every contribution brings us closer to realizing our vision of a world where brain aneurysms, AVMs, and hemorrhagic strokes are effectively treated and prevented. Your generous donation plays a pivotal role in funding crucial research initiatives, empowering patient advocacy efforts, and fostering widespread awareness about these neurological conditions

      To highlight our impact and convey our mission with clarity, we are excited to announce that the Joe Niekro Foundation is now the Niekro Aneurysm and AVM Foundation. We look forward to building on the Niekro legacy and continuing our mission!
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